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 Mzchief Beatshop born (Latrena T.) a native of sunny San Diego California, has made a buzz in the underground R&B /Rap world.  

Mzchief currently works as the co-host of "Club Beatshop"  showcase shows since 2009.

MzChief has been often referred to as a "LINK" for San Diego California female artists in her community to be heard.

Mzchief has an album titled "UNLEASHED" has been released entirely produced by Beatshop Productions.

This album is FREE TO THE PUBLIC by emailing your request to: , or contact Mzchief Beatshop directly on either social media websites:  or .

MzChief's current music project can be found at:

MzChief Beatshop aka the "song bird"  also called by close family and friends her nickname(Trena) was given the stage name because of her ability to capture the energy and essence of a song leaving her fans and crowds remembering her name Mzchief.

Throughout the years people would often say in passing "SALUTE MZCHIEF", hence the alter ego was born.

 Mzchief attended O'farrell Performing School of Arts this is where she first fell in love with the arts.

Mzchief Beatshop has been professionally performing as a music artist since the age of 9 and at the age of 14 became the 1st & 2nd soprano member of the local popular youth gospel group "THE HEAVENLY ANGELS".Mzchief continued with this group up until the age of 18.

In 2009 Mzchief Beatshop joined Beatshop Productions as a R&B artist. In 2011 Mzchief branched off to Rap, and has proven to be a true diverse artist.

Mzchief has performed in over 200 showcases and has opened up for industry music artists such as: Keith Murray/ Crooked I/ Twista/ Dipset/ E-40/ Rass Kass / Cocaine/ and many other talented artists.

Mzchief has been titled by her peers as the "Michelle Obama" of Beatshop Productions.

MzChief Beatshop music continues to cross color lines and ethnic boarders filling in the gaps with her jazzy BOSS LADY attitude and flow.

In the near future Mzchief Beatshop will be included as one of the talented underground household names mentioned.

Who is Mzchief Beatshop? She's an artist...a songstress...a writer...a friend...a poet....a name to remember a music artist worth looking into.

Here's the link to Listen, like, repost my music. 

Thanks in advance for the support and encouragement! 

-MzChief Beatshop 

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