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As a possible who owns a fleet-based company, this is the perfect duty to help keep a tab on the status regarding every vehicle as well as driver. Becoming unaware of the place and activities can hamper the shipping which isn't good regarding the company's reputation. In earlier nights, fleet managers must communicate via telephone to know the specific location of the car . Fleet management software provides real-time perspective and lives updates to them. It is quite easy to know complete information regarding the fleet by sitting anywhere.

Drivers are the main employees of any transport or logistics company . You will need to handle your drivers all the time for smooth and flawless operation. Fleet management software enables you to track every activity your driver performs. The fleet management software also helps in enhancing the profile of your driver by providing data such as average speed, route travelled, choice of gears, and other related information. The generated driver's profile will help you to remind them of their previous mistakes and ensure that they're meeting KPI every time.