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Python Training in Pune | Python Course in Pune

Python Training in Pune Course Overview

Python training in Pune is exclusively designed for the professionals aimed at switching their career in Data Science field and become Python, Machine Learning or Data Science champion. The Python training in Pune course is designed for the professionals willing to learn different aspects of Python, hands on programming and Python libraries.
This Python hands-on course is designed by the Data Scientists and industry experts and will definitely help you to take your Machine Learning career to the next level.
Python Course Pune Course Highlights
Python hands-on exercise
Python packages & oops concepts
Intro to Python Machine Learning Library i.e. NumPy, Panda, Matplotlib and Scipy
Ability to attend missed classes
Post training offline support available
Python Training in Pune Learning Objective?
Post completion of Python training Course in Pune, the participants will acquire the practical and theoretical knowledge about the Python, Machine Learning Libraries and advance topics, below will the agenda,
Learn why Python is popular and different b/w R.
Learn to download, install and use IDE.
Learn how to code, debug and deploy Python programs.
Learn how to use in built libraries, third party tools and different kinds of data.
Learn how to create class, function and object oriented model
Learn how to use Python Machine Learning libraries.
Learn how to use File System, Database, and multi-threading
Learn about how Python can be used to build real time applications.

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