Once upon a time a baby girl was born. No one loved her nor even bothered to hug her. they never checked on her to see what she was doing or who she was with everyday and every night she cried & cried & cried. No one listened heard or opened the door & when she grew just a little bit older, they beat her to the floor. every day and every night she cried & cried & cried. but had they listened they would have known that all those years, the sobbing was music and she cried diamond tears...
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I am a solo artist known as Eye'z
I began singing and performing at the age of 4 and studied music and piano passionately at fine art schools across the bay area including acting. 
Growing up in a musical family My musical style can best be described as crowd-pleasing. I write, compose and perform my own original songs and also mix in cover songs of some of my favorite artists that have most influenced me including, Michael Jackson One Republic Christina Aguilera Fats Waller Selena Gomez & many more.

Being featured in the hit musical “ Barbary Coast Revue” written by Blake weirs and directed by Keith Carames. I played the Part of Madame Ah Toy. Who was an honor to portray
As an actress and recording artist my works are on voetica.com some of the poets we’ve worked on are; Elizabeth Bishop, Edgar Allen Poe, Langston Hues, Mya Angelou and recently Ai.
Also I currently have my own show on local television called Birthday Drama. its popular in Berkeley California. The spin off series called my music block TV is very popular with music fans probably because it features local music videos and live performances.
My most recent film is a short animated film entitled “the star" by Mathew palmer. A guest appearance on Jon Grisoms "ABSOLUTION" the "A&M show" my favorite was to be chosen to be a part of the season finale of Tomarrows Thespians which was a very fun, profesinal and positive experince that i desire to continue throuh out my career. 

Some of my biggest achievements include; a Conversation with Mary Wilson live on “the house of pride radio” where she spoke with me about what it was like being a supreme and how she was able to manifest her own luck by performing frequently on television. A title given to me by the grand duke and duchess of ducal for performing at their many events to help raise money for local charities. "Royal Spice Girl"
A completion for studying music at Oakland high schools summer music program. Graduating from Sabrina Samuel's finishing school in Richmond Ca. My most proud was to be featured in Marilyn Monroe's 50th anniversary fan mosaic 
on MarilynMonroe.com

I have done many shows to bring about a positive change in my community by singing and performing at fundraisers for local charities to raise money for various causes and most recently a Martin Luther King Jr freedom Celebration.
Some of my newest releases include best of the west 2014 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bestofthewest2014
and Bongo boy music compilation volume 2 (released in Asia Feb 2015)
wake up volume one released on labor day 2015 Bongo Music compliation vol 8 april 2016
My popular live performances which I've done on a reoccurring basis are; Aint yo mama’s drag show, Octopus literary salon, Freds deli and of course the Barbary coast revue. 

I am currently recording new music for an upcoming album samples are available.
I am a member of Ascap.
here is my most recent write up 

My email is eyemsoeyeze@yahoo.com 
As far as references are concerned, feel free to contact any of the promoters from my list of shows located in my epk
including Amol (freds deli)java with Javalyn, Jon Suga, David Juda (voetica.com) Dj roxwell Ms. Manuel (voice teacher) Dar (music tutor and acting coach) Rico (audio engineer producer and owner of the sound theory ) Devon Black 
(my manager) Freda (of grm music) Royal grand ducal my former booking agent Ace Micheals and my current booking agent Mike Raddie of Afton music mike grayson and Anthony wood of the a&m show
Please email me for contact information

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